About ‘Freedom Thinking’

At Freedom Thinking we share an exceptionally simple, impersonal, neutral understanding about the very nature of life – the foundations or very essence of every individual’s experience in every moment. This understanding underpins all psychological workings, and today is changing the relationship to our understanding of psychology itself on a global scale. We do not need for anyone to divulge any personal information or to talk about their past. There are no techniques, rituals or beliefs to adopt. We just invite you to see how what we share fits with your own experiences of life.

Rene Descartes is famously quoted as saying “I think therefore I am” a saying many people are familiar with, but how many people have stopped to question both what thought is or what the implications of understanding the nature of thought are? It is within the answers to these questions that light can be cast on the darkness of a massive misunderstanding which blights the majority of humanity, causing suffering to so many. Put simply “people live in a misunderstanding of where life’s experiences truly come from”.

Such implications of this misunderstanding are infinite. But some of our prevalent common symptoms which are reported in mainstream media include: Psychological illness, war, addiction, financial burdens, relationship issues, crime, suicide, religious or cultural mistrust, etc.

When individuals gain insight into the simplicity of life and how this misunderstanding is created, these people often report similar experiences. These commonly include:

  • Reduction or complete loss of mental illness.
  • Abstinence from addiction.
  • More beneficial life decisions.
  • Greater efficiency and creativity in business.
  • More awareness of themselves and the world around them.
  • The experience of more peace and ability to remain calm in situations which would normally cause distress, hurt or fear.
  • More harmonious relationships.
  • Better decision making abilities.
  • Greater understanding of others.

The list is as infinite as experience itself.

Life can appear hard at times but in one profound moment of realisation it can start to become simpler with a potential to last a life time and our ability to understand more has no bounds.

If any of the above outcomes appeal or you have an outcome that you wish to see for yourself then please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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