What we offer

At Freedom Thinking we offer a range of services that cater to the needs of the people we serve.These can be undertaken via Skype/Zoom etc or in person.

One to Ones

Our one to one services are delivered by experienced facilitators. With “one to ones” individuals have the opportunity to ask as many questions as they wish, and have the time specifically tailored to suit the individual in order to gain maximum impact.


Our couples service is tailored for the people attending. With much experience of what it is like to be in relationships we understand that people require help moving towards many outcomes. These can be arranged as required.

Group Work

Our group work is aimed at Businesses, Schools, Prisons, Charities etc anywhere in which multiple numbers of people are present. These are often great for individuals as questions are asked and answered by many people, expanding the impact and allowing discussion after the event within the group attendees.


Here at Freedom Thinking we are very aware of the impact that state of mind has on all business performance. Being the greatest variable in any business, the human mind state is an essential part of productivity, turnover/profit and well being all factors conducive to a great or poor work environment.

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