Krystal Clark

“It’s absolutely fantastic, I have never experienced anything like this before! I feel so peaceful after the session. I’m learning every time i go too. I think Dave and Jenny are a great inspiration.”

Catherine Kennard

“I really love the way Dave shares his experience of the principles behind life. He shares with depth and humour and a freshness that really created a space for my own insight.”

Laura Dodgson

“I have fallen in love with myself again, and for the first time ever i have realised, that i don’t need another human being to validate anything for me.”

Ann Dodgson

“It was great meeting Dave, as always mine and Laura’s lives are a lot richer since coming across the 3 Principles, thanks again to you.”

Your Friend

Hi Dave and Jen,

I had a realisation last night when I was sitting alone, simply that as you both know from the group sessions I have issues with things from my past which I allowed for many many years to always affect my present.
Some of these issues are horrifying and I have carried them around in my head for the best part of 50 years.
I realised more so last night that oiam not to blame for what people did to me nor am I responsible for their actions, they all acted on a thought.

I carried this burden around for what has actually been a lifetime, but now I feel freedom like I have never felt before.
I have been through therapy and relived moments I had tried to forget, but if I had not done that I would not have been able to understand like I do now, my past is not able to affect my present at all , nor can it ever again. It has made me believe I was a victim.
I spent years hiding away from the world almost you could say a mental wreck I never went out I would hide from the world suffering from the ghosts of my past inflicted on my present.

To think of when I bumped into Dave that day in town I was lower than I had been in years and actually had a prescription from the doctors in my pocket and was going down the therapy route once again, but that chance meeting for some reason made me delay and attend my first group.

Imagine when I arrived to find no Dave only Jen, I almost walked away, but so glad I didn’t.
Being given this amazing what I can only describe as a gift has actually been life changing for me.
I’m not afraid to go out , my house is no longer a prison, I am beginning to enjoy life again without burden.
Now I get blips which I accept now as normal I try not to dwell on things knowing in the fact it’s just a thought at that moment in time.
I reflect on the past sometimes but only on good memories the truly bad ones ( of which there are many) are or at least seem to be buried away and no longer influence my present.

I would really like to say thank you both with all my heart for sharing this amazing gift.
You are both wonderful and inspirational people who are also real people, I respect you both and will always appreciate the experience this has given me.

I look forward to life for the first time for as long as I care to remember, I regret the lost years with my family when I was so as I was told depressed, but I look back now and if I had this gift then I would be a better person. But it’s never too late and I’m as I said enjoying life and making changes which suit me and my family.
This is all down to you guys and 3 principles.
Thanks for being there when without knowing I needed someone the most.

Mark Groves

There are so many coaches, techniques and theories on how to improve your life in the world today. So as Sydney Banks states in the “Missing Link” when you select a coach/teacher ask yourself…
Is my teacher a well balanced person?
Are they happy?
Do they reflect the quality of life I desire?
In my opinion Jenny has all three qualities in abundance. The training I received has had an amazing impact on my well being and was done without any intervention, technique or endless hours of going over the past. If you want to find your own inner wisdom and knowledge then I thoroughly recommend Jenny to help you find the joy and happiness that we all seek.

David Anderson

Jenny has a really strong, clear presence. Just being around her helped my own thinking slow down instantly. She is really ‘living her understanding’ and is also expressing it in a very clear way. Talking to her always makes my fascination for – and understanding of – life grow. I feel very grateful to have had the chance to explore with her.

Elaine Hilides

Attending the trainings they facilitate is a wonderful experience as they share from the heart and really touch the attendee, they are amazing facilitators. They have travelled the world learning and training and have a deep grounding that shines from them whether they are in a training or chatting over a fruit tea. they are amazing facilitators.

Jenny has quietly and gently become one of the most respected teachers of the principles and I am blessed to know her.
Jenny and her business partner Rudi have created a resource with the Three Principles Movies website that spreads the principles throughout the world in an accessible and unique way. I cannot count the times I have given this url to clients, family and friends and have asked them to go and look at the website because there is something on the site for everyone regardless of what they perceive as a challenge.

Tony Broadbent

“I’ve been around the Three Principles for almost four years now and have met some of the most amazing, grounded and beautiful people during that time. Jenny, who I met about three years ago, epitomises all three of these qualities and more besides.
During this time I’ve come to really appreciate her humility, her compassion, her selflessness, her grounding, and the unassuming way in which she goes about her life. It really is truly wonderful to see her becoming an even fuller expression of who she is and along the way slowly but surely gaining recognition for the amazing work she has already been doing. Such as co-creating and developing the ‘Three Principles Movies’ website as well as and more recently taking this understanding out in to the world through their ‘Innate Wellbeing’ business.

I have nothing but love, gratitude and admiration for Jenny, who I consider to be not only incredible role models but one of the most amazing and insightful new generation Three Principles teachers in the world today. She really is a living example of ‘be the change you want to see in the world’.

Angi Greneski

It’s weird because for the first two days after the initial course where i experienced complete stillness in my mind (from the switch being turned off to my washing machine head of continuous thoughts!), i didn’t really “get” what i was meant to be doing. However, i can honestly say i’m doing really well. and its by not doing a great deal!!! I have experienced insights which have lead me to burst into tears at how wonderful life can be in the moment when your head is not full of negative thoughts!!

This has helped me get back to work after 3 months off (and actually begin to enjoy it again), has helped with my relationships and also my focus for my fourth coming swimming event with a completely clear mind.
Im not saying i’m fully there yet but what little understanding i have has literally made me re-assess my life without thinking!! (and i know that doesn’t really make sense! So thank you so much for enabling me to learn from you something that has been, for me, a life changing experience which i hope will lead me to live the life i want to live.

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