Vision Statement

We see a world united in understanding and common humanity, where every individual realises their own connection, innate resilience, creativity and potential to create a life in which they thrive and flourish.

We see a world where ALL people are understood, appreciated, valued and included in the creation of a viable existence for every living being, and the wellbeing of the whole takes sustainable precedence.

The Six Month mentorship Programme

This 6-month deepening programme for a small number of people is aimed at individuals wishing to understand deeper the nature of life, the nature of themselves and to realise our divine connection to the natural world and universe. This will be a certificated programme for people wishing to go on and share this understanding with others.


Early Bird Price till end of July 2019 – 34 900 SEK (excl. tax)

3 Day Retreats

Webinars with International Facilitators

Personal One-to-Ones

Peer Webinars

Certificate of completion

– Understand and appreciate our true nature

– Realise our role in the reality we see

– Gain respect for the intangible that creates the illusion of separation

– Experience deeper more harmonious relationships

– Live with peace of mind more of the time regardless of circumstance and the past

Why be part of the Freedom Thinking Sweden mentorship programme?

Are you an individual who would like to find greater ease in life, or a professional who would like to evolve in your industry? Starting to understand the fundamental building blocks of the very nature of reality we each live in, has to be the ground zero from which we can gain clarity, progress in far more productive and innovative ways, and live with a far deeper sense of connection to our infinite divine source.

Jenny who is co-founder of and Dave have worked with individuals, groups, schools, businesses, psychologists, charities, Chambers of Commerce and far more all around the world and they have seen that no matter what the language barrier, or cultural difference, people can wake up to what is true about their nature and this in its self clears up many of the messes that people find themselves in.

As an individual discovers their own insights into how their life is being born in each moment, a connectedness to all things, a fundamental ability to deal with all that life throws at them is realised and their life becomes simpler and more beautiful as a result.

What can you expect from the Freedom Thinking Sweden mentorship programme? 

Well the potentials are infinite..

  • Gain clarity
  • Freedom from mental suffering
  • Less stress
  • Greater life decisions
  • Easier relationships, both personal and professional
  • Greater productivity
  • Find more beauty, intrigue and wisdom
  • Greater professional performance
  • Greater sports performance
  • Greater environmental awareness via connection and understanding
  • Find your own voice to help others should you so wish

Jenny and Dave are really excited to be offering this Swedish programme, they are passionate about personal and global change and are sure you wont regret attending. 

Jenny Anderson has been around the Three Principles understanding since 2005. After a 3 day training with Dr Roger Mills her life changed dramatically. After years of struggling with anorexia and bulimia, depression and anxiety she became present, open to possibility and a strong desire to share with others her new found knowledge.

She has travelled the world, sharing, filming and working with the Three Principles. Along side Jenny’s ex-husband Rudi Kennard she co-created the worlds largest online video archive platform ‘Three Principles Movies”. The people that she has worked with have been from all walks of life, working with business, prisons, schools, Townships in South Africa, children, mental health organisations to name a few! For 5 years she trained facilitators with her old company Innate Wellbeing, with over 30 graduates from all over the world, who have gone on to grow their own business’ sharing the 3 Principles understanding. She feels privileged to be among the small group of people in Europe who got to learn from the late Sydney Banks in person.

Dave Elleray had a life-changing insight through the work of Sydney Banks in 2013, he describes this as the day he woke up and found deep connection with and love for life. He went from a world of fear, anger and depression and anxiety, psychiatric systems and drugs, to one of love, peace and a desire to serve others and this world.

Since then he has travelled the world sharing this understanding with people from all walks of life from Prison inmates to African refugees from Chamber of Commerce to individuals struggling with life and has witnessed beautiful transformations and awakenings on many occasions. Dave was the first person in the UK to deliver talks within Her Majesty’s Prison system. Dave’s love and knowledge of nature is often drawn upon as examples of the impersonal force behind life, and in his own unique way helps other people find the magic that lies at the heart of existence.

Programme Details

2 Three Day Retreats

Retreat One

October 11th – 13th 2019 Malmö Sweden (accommodation and dinner included in the price)

In the first 3-day retreat we will share an explanation of the mind that reduces unhelpful thinking/behaviors and increases wellbeing that is available to anyone. It uncovers a psychological/spiritual understanding that sustainably improves one’s life and mental climate. We will take a thorough look behind the scenes of how we as living beings create our experience of the world, via universal Truth fundamental to our being. This reveals how the true nature of life plays out not only in personal wellbeing but also in areas such as relationships, parenting, business, leadership, and education.

Retreat Two

April 3rd – 5th 2020 (to be confirmed)

The second 3-day retreat will be focusing on seeing beyond the illusion of self, experiencing/realising objective Truth, moving away from personal insights and thoughts of our own reality and to see the deeper message that the Principles are pointing us towards. This will be the foundation from which you can share your new found understanding, whether that be with your family and friends or through your own Three Principles business, or you may simply enjoy a life of greater understanding and clarity with more love and compassion.

6 Webinars with International Facilitators

We are so excited to have so many amazing teachers lined up for this programme’s webinars. We have such a diverse range of speakers. Please take the time to check out their websites as you will see that these are some of the most respected Three Principles teachers in the world.

Time: 6pm UK 7pm CET

12 1hr Personal One-to-Ones

With Jenny, Dave, Peter or Hans

6 Peer Webinars

Time: 6pm UK 7pm CET

  • Nov 6th  
  • Dec 4th 
  • Jan 8th 
  • Feb 5th 
  • March 4th 
  • May 6th 

The Peer webinars will be held over Zoom and will have Jenny, Dave, Peter or Hans online, and are an opportunity for the participants to share insights and have discussions.

International Speakers

Early Bird Price till end of July 2019 – 34 900 SEK (excl. tax)

Full Price after July 2019 – 39 900 SEK (excl. tax)

To book your place please contact Hans Rygaard: +46 76 500 50 51

Or if you would like more information or to ask any questions please contact Dave and Jenny +447973492078

“There’s nothing outside that can help you, there’s nothing outside that can hurt you, because there is no outside.”

Sydney Banks

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