We share an exceptionally simple, impersonal, neutral understanding about the nature of life – the foundations or very essence of every individual’s experience in every moment.

With a combined 19 years of diverse experience sharing how simple life truly is, Freedom Thinking is perfectly positioned to help guide you to deep, fulfilling, creative freedom quickly.

We work both nationally and internationally helping people from all walks of life, from school children to prison inmates from African refugees to groups in America. We have seen sustainable life-changing growth in many people from many parts of the globe thanks to deep realisation brought about by our simple conversations.

  • Reduction or complete loss of mental illness
  • Abstinence from addiction
  • More beneficial life decisions
  • Greater efficiency and creativity in business
  • More awareness of the depth of themselves and the world around them
  • The experience of more peace and ability to remain calm in situations which would normally cause distress, hurt or fear
  • More harmonious relationships
  • Better decision making abilities
  • Greater understanding of others

Life can appear hard at times but in one profound moment of realisation it can start to become simpler with a potential to last a life time and our ability to understand more has no bounds.

If any of the above outcomes appeal or you have an outcome that you wish to see for yourself then please do not hesitate to contact us.

We look forward to hearing from you.

“Of the good in you I can speak, but not of the evil. For what is evil but good tortured by its own hunger and thirst? Verily when good is hungry it seeks food even in dark caves, and when it thirsts it drinks even of dead waters.” 

― Kahlil Gibran, The Prophet

Jenny Anderson

Ever since Jen’s first, life changing, introduction to the Three Principles in 2005, she has been determined to bring this understanding to others. Over 15 years of travelling, teaching and studying, she has her own unique voice for sharing this one simple truth. Her clear and heartfelt teaching resonates with her audience, whether at a large conference, in a small group or individually. Her own transformation, moving beyond shyness, depression and eating disorders continues to inspire her to point others to what can happen when they see the true nature of how life works.

“No matter where it is in the world, no matter what the external conditions people are living in, these universal truths or principles speak to human beings enabling them to wake up to how life really works. I am passionate to be able to share in whatever way I can, and help others to do so too.”

Qualfications & Education

Trainer of Trainers with Dr Roger Mills, UK

Pransky Associates Internship, Washington, USA

Three Principles School, Salt Spring Island, Canada

State Government Division Internship, California, USA

IHEART Facilitator with Innate Health, UK


Jen has worked with the homeless, US prison inmates, young people, community workers in South Africa (with Africa Tikun),  and earthquake survivors in Nepal. She has presented at international conferences, on radio and TV, and has taught in over a dozen countries. In the UK she has trained over 100 facilitators of the Principles in a year long programme. Jen continues to coach individuals and groups, and runs regular retreats.

Jen also co-created, a huge international resource of short and long movies introducing facilitators and showing the impact of their work.

Dave Elleray

Through these simple yet profound principles Dave has found a peace of mind he could not have imagined was possible and shares his rediscovered love of life and passion for the nature of Mind with all around him. Dave has a unique way of explaining life following his life changing insight into the nature of reality, from which he draws knowledge about the natural world and our connection with all things. Dave is passionate about drawing out mental health from within individuals, the environment, social change and equality.

Dave’s Story

Dave was born and brought up in the English Lake District, a beautiful environment that could be described as perfect for maintaining mental health and a natural playground for the soul. However, despite this and even with the presence of a loving family he suffered periods of depression, anxiety and extreme bouts of destructive anger from around the age of 11.

As an adult and despite troubling experiences, Dave managed to create a successful tree-surgery business, but it wasn’t long before he began to suffer a high level of stress that led him to seek professional psychological help. He felt such a degree of disconnection from life that he suffered regular suicidal thoughts and began to take unnecessary, dangerous risks as if “tempting fate”. He was drinking heavily and taking prescribed drugs to try to alleviate these symptoms. Dave was seeing therapists’ on an every-other-day basis, still drinking heavily and suffering.

In July 2013 a friend introduced him to a new understanding of human psychology, based on simple principles that explain what underlies our experience of life. Although this understanding did not impact Dave immediately it was just a few weeks later, having watched a video of a man called Sydney Banks that a deep truth dawned on him. In a single moment life became clear and the years of his mental suffering ceased, what was left was a deep connection to life, awe for existence and appreciation for all people and beings.

Dave became aware of the simplicity of life and gained insight into the innocent misunderstanding that creates all mental suffering. Unsurprisingly he made the decision to focus on helping others to uncover their own true mental health and his journey since then has been joyful and fascinating. He has since travelled widely giving talks and working closely with a wide range of people in diverse settings.


Dave was the first person in the UK to deliver the Three Principles in the UK prison system. He has worked with charities that help prison inmates find a constructive way forward. Dave has worked with hospital staff, psychologists, school children and teachers in Nepal, in the wake of the 2016 earthquakes. He has spoken to many organisations globally from charities for physically injured refugees, to eating disorder clinics. He has spoken to a diverse range of communities in many countries. He speaks at conferences in the UK and abroad. Dave works with people with severe mental health diagnosis through to people who are simply wishing to have a richer, fulfilling, connected experience of life. All of the above with many beautiful life changing results.