Mobile Apps are Even More Phabulous Thanks to Phablets

It’s no secret that consumers love their smartphones, a trend that has fueled mobile application development over the last few years. Though growth rates are tapering off as the market matures, they’re still well into the double digits. Plus, the emergence of “phablets,” which offer even greater mobility, has proven to be popular.

According to Flurry Analytics, 2015 saw an average of 58 percent growth in mobile app usage compared to 2014 with personalization, news and magazines, and productivity apps experiencing the most growth. However, when looking at phablet growth, Flurry found dramatically higher engagement rates. Phablet usage rates grew 334 percent as opposed to 117 percent for all other device types last year.

Phablets are a cross between a smartphone and a tablet. Their size hits the sweet spot for mobile users who find a tablet too bulky and a smartphone’s screen size too tiny. As a mobile application developer, we think phablets are “phabulous” for mobile users and companies alike. For example:

  • Reading and browsing — Larger screen sizes make it easier for users to read text-heavy content and browse websites and blogs while on the go.
  • Productivity — Mobile forms, contracts, and task management apps are indispensable to mobile workers. Phablets are the perfect size for collecting data, taking orders, or looking up sales data while working in the field.

However, designing a mobile app for a phablet requires an understanding of how phablets are actually used. A good design for a phablet isn’t just a supersized mobile app or a downsized tablet app. Our mobile application developers understand the differences and strengths of each device type and can develop a truly fabulous user experience for your mobile users on any device.