Top 3 Social Media Marketing Tips for Newly Sociable Businesses

Just getting started with social media marketing for your business? If you’re a longtime Facebook or Twitter user, you’re already familiar with the basics. However, business interactions require a different approach than you may be accustomed to using with your personal networks. Below are three important social media marketing tips to keep in mind.

1. Pick the right social networks. You may be an Instagram aficionado, but are your customers and prospects using it? Do your research to find out exactly who your ideal customers are and where they hang out. Once you know this, go where they go.

2. Focus on relationships, not on closing the deal. Next, learn the protocol for the social media sites you intend to use. Is the site highly social in nature or is some self-promotion tolerated? Even on sites where businesses are encouraged to participate, a relationship-based approach is generally preferred over blatant selling.

3. Use social media marketing tools with care. Social media marketing tools take many forms, some good, some not so good. Centralized dashboards where you can manage your social media posts and omments across one or more networks, for example, can be very useful and encourage you to respond to comments. On the other hand, bots that automatically post to your social networks can be overzealous and obviously non-human, both of which can turn off your followers. Be leery of automated tools or services that promise to get you more followers.

These three tips are just the beginning of a solid social media marketing strategy, but they’ll get you off to a good start. The most important tip of all: be authentic. Your followers will notice.