What Your Website Font Choice Says About Your Business

Though not as flashy as an animated slider or eye-catching graphic, font choice is an integral part of website design. The fonts you choose give your website character; they tell a story about who you are. Your website’s fonts also serve a functional purpose, helping your visitors to read the text and find the information they’re seeking.

How Fonts Convey Your Business’s Personality

Is your business conservative? Playful? Industrial? No matter what your business’s personality may be, you’ll want to make sure that your font choice for your website and marketing materials fit. For example, if you run a financial services business, traditional fonts will inspire greater confidence than a fancy script font with lots of flourishes. On the other hand, if you’re a florist, you have more leeway in choosing creative fonts.

How Fonts Help (or Hinder) Readers

However, font choice isn’t just about making a statement. Fonts need to be readable. That fancy font may reflect your brand’s personality beautifully, but use it sparingly. When it comes to reading text on the web, fonts can either help readers or hinder them. Readability is why san serif fonts are commonly used on the web.
It is perfectly acceptable to use different fonts or different font sizes and weights for your headers and body text. The contrast helps readers to scan the text and glean the key points. Differentiating your header text, for example, provides readers with visual clues. Thus, readers intuitively scan the header text in order to find the information they’re looking for.

Bringing it All Together

Your fonts have a big job to do, making it important to choose wisely. Not only should your fonts reflect who you are, they need to be easy on the eyes. When using two or more fonts, you’ll also need to ensure that your font choices complement each other.
Our web and graphic designers are font geeks. They love seriously love fonts! You can count on us to design a beautiful website where every single element contributes to your brand messaging, including font choice.